Team Notorious Muzik

"Teamwork makes the dream work." 


Nigel Cumberbatch



Notorious Muzik Manager is your "go to" person. He is responsible for building the team, forming our artist’s career plan based on their goals, and get them to that next level.

As would all good managers, Nigel has music industry connections in Dallas/Fort Worth area, and a good reputation. He has managed and currently managing Notorious Muzik talents and therefore, has proof of work.

With Nigel Cumberbatch at the helm of Notorious Muzik, it is organized, keeps the artist on track, and understands what it will take for the artist to succeed.

Notorious Muzik manager gets paid based on total profits he helps generate. This is common for Notorious Muzik to keep the manager working to get the artist paid, so that he can get paid.

As the talent the artist also has a duty to the manager, being professional, showing up to sessions and interviews on time, keeping content flowing for the manager to be able to work with, are just some of the duties.



Like the manager our booking agent is compensated based on the revenue they generate for us by booking our artist for live shows, tours & festivals. Our booking agent is familiar with relevant live events for our artists to perform at and handle negotiations with the venues. Keeping our schedule booked and getting out to meet other artists and fans at shows is a fast way to network and share our music. 

Booking Agent

Rudy "Coach" Flores
(Grammy Award Winning Exec.)



Justin "Pip" Pipkins


While our rappers often get the fame and credit, our producers are the heart and soul of hip-hop, thus the heart and soul of our Notorious Muzik.   Our producers make the instrumental "beats" that our rappers and singers need in order to be heard.  They craft the hooks, melodies, and rhythms that the world loves to listen to.

Notorious Muzik producers has developed an extensive knowledge of the hip hop genre by listening to as many different artists as possible. They have also dive into other musical genres, like rock and classical, to bring inspiration from other styles into their hip-hop beats. Additionally, they can play instruments, such as the keyboard.


Our music (also referred to as our "audio, sound, or recording engineer") engineer is our technical specialist who controls the setup and operation of equipment that records, edits, mixes, and reproduces our sound in his recording studios.

Our Engineer:

  • Work to record vocal and instrumental sound to create tracks
  • Work specifically in studios to produce high-quality tracks
  • Smooth the tracks generated by mix engineers to produce finished recordings
  • Work to mix multiple tracks together to make one cohesive track 


Music Engineer

Robert Vargas



Mitch C.

Having quality photography of our artists, studio or behind the scenes, gives our fans a great way to connect with them and see what they’re all about.

Having a photographer on our team ensures we’ll captured the artist in their sessions, important shows, as well as keeping them loaded with fresh content to work with.




Our videographer knows how to shoot our music videos, promotional ads, or any video cuts we need.

Our photographer can shoot film as well which is a bonus. Our artists can benefit most from having our videographer for music videos.







Our publicist identifies our core audience and pitch our brand and product to all relevant media such as – Blogs, Radio, Magazines, Interviews, Podcasts and Playlists in the music industry.

Their job is to professionally promote our music to the media to get more coverage and build a buzz for our artists



Notorious Muzik is a big fan of being active on social media. All day long we engage with fans, promoting, and posting about our music. 

Hiring an assistant to keep our social accounts active was a good move, especially since social media is where most of our audience hangs out.

We have social media assistants or ‘gurus’ that helps create the best content suited for each social platform and create a custom plan to grow our "following" and brand our music. 

We also use certain apps to help keep us consistent and organized when we don’t need a dedicated person for our social media plan.

Social Media all-star 






Notorious Muzik is a business. There will be a point when our artists will be making a livable earning and will be set up professionally as small business owners.

Our accountant can help them with allocating their budget, completing taxes on their behalf, and overall business management.


With so much collaboration in the music industry and intellectual property or, the music, being the focal point, you can understand why having contract agreements are important.When we get into royalty splits for producers, artist and songwriters on a song,Or talk about who owns the master and publishing,Things can get complicated fast. Having an entertainment lawyer familiar with the music industry on stand-by will give you extra confidence when a contract comes your way, or when crafting your own.Have things reviewed to make sure you’re not getting screwed over, or if a contract is missing any necessary components.





The music distributor is the one who will get our music into all relevant stores & streaming platforms for our fans to listen and buy.

Traditionally, music distributors would work with labels to get their artists music into retail music stores.

Today, distributors work the same way, but most stores are now streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, TikTok, Pandora, Tidal and Deezer.

Notorious Muzik uses CMDSHFT for it music distribution.

It’s also not as necessary for an artist to be part of a label to have their music distributed, though an independent label like Notorious Muzik can be beneficial in many ways.